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 LIZA HENNESSY is an American collection of fine leather goods designed and manufactured in New England.  The brand name derives from a native Newport, Rhode Islander who was my great grandmother.  Eliza Hennessy, with deeply anchored Yankee roots, lived the rugged life of a seafarer’s wife on Coddington Point overlooking Narragansett Bay.  She lived the spirit of her times, self-reliant, practical, and generous of heart.  How to translate strong character and goodness of spirit into marketable product?  We start with the finest quality leathers inside and out, beautiful in character, rugged in nature.  Elegant lines, fine craftsmanship, and thoughtful functional detailing result in a finished product of enduring quality and


LIZA HENNESSY products are manufactured, and raw materials sourced, exclusively in New England.  Our mission is to work with businesses in the region to produce all of our products, thereby supporting local jobs and economy.



As a life-long equestrian, I have always loved the smell of good leather and the creaking sound of easing into the saddle.  Cleaning and oiling tack, and keeping it in good repair were given imperatives for good looks, good performance, and safe leather keeping. As a designer of leather goods, I've created collections for many distinguished brands, but none more satisfying than LIZA HENNESSY. 

We transform tack-room quality leather, saddle-stitched seams, surcingle straps, and brass and silver fittings into elegant, rugged satchels, totes, belts and travel pieces, all crafted in the United States, faithful to the equestrian tradition of good leather-keeping.


Distinguished publications including Town & Country, Boston Common , DownEast Magazine, Equestrian Culture and Equestrian Quarterly have all featured LIZA HENNESSY products, with our signature Saddle Leather Satchel heralded "A Modern Classic".


LIZA HENNESSY products are sold through this web site and select retail stores, as well as premier sporting and equestrian events including the Jumper Classic (Hampton Falls NH), the Boston Equestrian Classic (Hamilton MA), Fitch's Corner (Millbrook NY), Wellington Equestrian Federation (Wellington FL), the Orvis Game Fair (Millbrook NY), and the Washington International Horse Show in Washington DC.